Empowering Thought for Today: Be a fisherman: Cast your Cares on Jesus!

I don’t care for fishing! I don’t even like eating certain types of fish! My mother and one if my brothers enjoyed fishing. My former pastor, a God rest his soul, loved fishing. Talk fishing, caught fishes and ate fish.

This article is not about fishing but about casting or tossing or giving you cares, concerns, problems and issues to Jesus. I had forgotten about this scripture in the middle of living life. I revisited this scripture out of 1st Peter and it made me think of fisherman. Most people who like to fish will tell you it’s not just the catching of the fish, the early hours, the long waiting. They will often tell you it’s peaceful, quiet and serene. When a fisherman casts his rod out in the water he has left the bustling and hustling of the city behind to get a few hours of calm and peace .

Today cast the rod of your anxiety in prayer and give Jesus your cares and reel in his peace !


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