Empowering Thought for Today: Endurance and Faith

My brother ran Cross a Country Track when he was in high school. He was excellent at it; it won him a scholarship to West Virginia State.

I use to watch those heats and ran track briefly in high school. If he started out going fast by the time the race was finished he would be finished.

We want everything FAST and EASY. That’s why the microwave is so popular, but there’s something’s you cannot get quickly . Try baking a cake on microwave and taste the difference between that and a oven baked one.

My point is as believers you aren’t in competition with anyone. You only have to please The Lord ! In your walk with Christ sometimes things get difficult and you need Endurance and Faith to get you through. No quick sermons and prayers will get you through the Winter seasons of life.

God wants to teach us how to endure by faith because there really is no other way to learn endurance and faith.


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