Empowering Thought for Today: All Things are WORKING Together for your good!

For a long time it did not understand this scripture that Paul’s elaborately shares with us in Romans. In my pain and hurt I was thinking badly. Trying to figure out how some of life’s most horrendous circumstances can work together for my good. To add the icing on the cake the scripture says ALL!

That’s a power packed promise from God, then Paul goes further and describes things that sums up all of life: death, things present, past not even angels(demons). Can separate us from the live if God in Christ Jesus. More promises. Everything that happens in our life is not Good or even terrific, but I don’t know when and how neither where God decides to make these things in our life work together for good he just wants us to take him at his word!

P. (Romans read the entire 8th chapter)

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I know when we are hurting we cannot see beyond what we are dealing with, but God has never lied to me nor you!IMG_0632.JPG

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