Homeschooling Year Round: forgetting The Nay Sayers!

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment and I had yo take my boys who are homeschooled. They finished a math and reading assignment and we were off.

We did math in the car! Yes, I said car. After the appointment I went to Walmart to pick up a few things and we had to use the restroom. One gentleman commented: Why are out if school today ? He asked again as if I owned him an explanation. He was so loud and persistent, I told him I homeschool my children and that’s why you see them at this school hour. Everyone In the store heard my proud outcry.

He looked at me and said “. Good for you, because these schools are a mess”. Now I’m not against any school you choose for your child, that’s the beauty of our democracy. I am against naysayers who dog homeschoolers with their unfounded lies and false allegations.

So to all people who are against homeschoolers and feel they are messing up their children, here’s to you( blowing raspberries ). Who cares, are you the education police?

-Priscilla IMG_0133.JPG

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