Homeschooling Year Round-Should I Dare to Compare?

Wow, Johnny is only twelve but he graduated last year and is ready for college. Sarah skipped preschool and can do first grade math at four . Jonas runs his own company at sixteen. Homeschoolers do this everyday- to each other, themselves and to their poor children. I think you should take children and accept them where they are.

Some homeschoolers struggle and no they don’t have special need children.

The worse thing that any homeschooling family can do is compare themselves to anybody .

I have twins but I also had two older children so with my younger twins I was not new to motherhood although I was a new “twin mom “. My husband had a presentation and my 2 year olds had pacifiers. A well meaning lady commented that there too old for pacifiers ; I told her the pacifiers were for me so I wouldn’t go insane . Of course that was partially true but it shut her up. I knew by Kindergarten they would not be dependent on pacifiers. If I was comparing like when I was a new, insecure mom I would have been in tears or she would have .

Bottom line: enjoy the journey and enjoy your children.


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