Empowering Thought for Today: Comparing ourselves is not Wise! Why ?

I grew up with five other siblings and the one thing I hated was: I was used as an example of comparison. P. Is akways neat; P is akways confident. Thus sounds great when you’re five -seven years old but as you get older you’re not liked very much and for me it put a sense of pressure on me to be perfect .

When I got into the “real world”. Everybody didn’t see my fabulosity!

The Apostle Paul warns us never to compare yourself with someone else. I know were human and it’s still done to this day. It really is counter productive and yet we try to follow the world and bring this competitiveness in the church: my church has 39,000 members but his church only has 25,000. For real? None of this will be in heaven. It’s fleshly , ungodly and doesn’t promote the kingdom.

Should we compare Fred Hammond to Chris Tomlin? Of course not

How about Dr. Mark Chironna with Russell Walden?

Billy Graham or Martin Luther King? Get my point? futile.

Should men compare themselves to women?

God wants your unique self the one he designed unlike anyone else. If Jesus truly is our Lord and example, then who did he compare himself too? No one!


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