Homeschooling Year Round: The Decision

I was a teacher teaching pre-K-4th grade so homeschooling wasn’t in my vocabulary. I was voted best teacher. So my career was I. A classroom setting not a home setting.

I wa teaching first grade and my children were In first grade. I was getting calls all the time about my oldest twin. Eventually. I had enough! Talk to a few friends that dis it and are doing it and made THE DECISION to homeschool. The funny part was when I went to my husband hew a in total agreement. God was leading me also and I took a leap of faith.

I kept saying I’ll just do it 1 year and the. Off to public school you go, but it’s been 3 years and I haven’t feel led to,out them back in school.

They don’t miss it! They love it and the funny thing is my older daughter who is In a private school( they support homeschoolers ) wants me to,homeschool,her and has an attitude about it!

So there you have it; it all starts with a decision and it was a great decision for us! Keep homeschooling!


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