Empowering a Thought for Today: change your mindset and you’ll change your life !

My journey to be closer to God started June, 2012 and God has not disappoint ! I’ve been saved since I was 14 but I was a negative thinking Christian. I got to the place in my walk with Christ that in order for me to mature my thinking had to change.

This is not some name it and claim it exercise or some pyscho analysis of thinking positive thoughts. This is about TRUST! Will I; can I trust God? We sing about it, talk about it and even preach it the problem is God wants us to live it and walk it out and demonstrate that his word is truth and powerful In our lives .

Where do you start? You start by having a conversation with God. I lived a life of dysfunction. I was molested and abused trust has not come easy for me. God of course already knows this about me and he begins my transformation from the inside out. Jesus paid it all for us, NOW we have to take the deed and walk it out.

How we think is a result of where we are! Once we think in a particular manner you start living it out. Speaking negatively and hanging out with negative people. Break the cycle , tell Jesus you want a new start.

My favorite scripture is: Jer : 29:11-14. (My Paraphrase). God has plans for me and there are not evil. When I talk to God he listens to me and answers my prayers according to the way he has seen my life before him. There is no evil in God and he does not want to see me fail !

I’m declare if you take God’s word and apply it; it will change your life -your abundant life !


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