I Homeschool Year around -Learning to relax!

Yes, I’m homeschool year round and no I’m not cray-cray! While most are going back to school and doing their school shopping, uniform or clothes shopping, we are on break! Yes, that’s correct break!

We homeschool through June, July, August 2 weeks off . Back in September, October 2 weeks off. November -one whole week if Thanksgiving and early Merry Christmas to us no school, in December.

We like our new schedule. We can go to stores without them being crowded. Take our professional Homeschool, pictures without a line. Enjoy all the attractions without again the long lines.

How do we spell homeschool ? Relaxed! That’s how we spell it .

-Priscilla , mom of twin boys!


2 thoughts on “I Homeschool Year around -Learning to relax!”

  1. we’re year round as well, we’ll be taking a break in september just after the public school kids have settled in and have a nice break mid winter- the time I felt, back in our typical schedule days, was the longest to get through.
    I prefer it too


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