Empowering Thought for Today: When God doesn’t make sense!

A disclaimer: God always makes sense but we usually cannot make sense out of what God is requiring of us!

The word tell us we can never understand the “mind of God”. For our thoughts(senses) are not his thoughts and his ways(the way he does things ) ate higher than ours.

Let’s see: Moses took his staff at God’s command and parted The Red Sea. Jesus tells Peter after fishing for awhile to throw down his net, reluctant he does and his net breaks. Ummm. Jesus tells Ananias to go and meet Saul of Tarsus and heal him! What? The one that murders Christians? Huh God!

As a believer I guarantee you will be required to listen to God or have worldly wisdom ! If God isn’t requiring you to trust him, if he’s not teaching you how to hear and detected his voice and ways, I would have an intervention in myself because Jesus can’t be just SAVIOUR, Jesus wants to be LORD! He will require ALL of you. Prophetic individuals who possess this gifting knows this well. God will reveal something that makes no sense to our senses. We either will listen, obey. And follow or we won’t .

How is God making no SENSE in your life ?


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