I’m a Homeschooling Mama: Year round-Burnout isn’t cute!

Have you totally loved doing something until you didn’t like it anymore?

I have. I started out as a nurse and quickly realized-no,no! I then became a teacher, funny as a child it was my favorite pretend game to play. I got my Masters in 2011 and life has thrown some curve balls there too.

I have been HS for 3 years now headed for my 4th and every year I’m taking a more relaxed approached..

To say I never wanted to quit and give up on HS is a lie, but burnout isn’t cute! That’s when you have to go back and restructure your purpose. Step away and renew yourself so that you can re-establish why you took this path or that the path must come to an end. We have to remember that every solider in a battle, every person that believes in a cause must never forget that REST is actually productive! So If you are burned out , burned up go take a REST and RENEW YOU so you can POUR into THEM( your child (Ren) ).

Priscilla –20140630-103142-37902848.jpg

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