Empowering Thought for Today: Be quick to hear;Slow to speak and Anger

When I was young in my elementary school years every report card I received stated that “I talked to much”. Thankfully, my mother knew this about my growing persona and didn’t come down to hard on me.

As I have gotten more mature physically, emotionally and spiritually I’m learning you can learn a whole lot by being quiet and thoughtful with your words.

Three things God is shaping in my life right now and it involves my perception: my hearing, my choice of words and my reaction.

What are people really saying? How do I respond or should I respond ? Do I give power or action to everything spoken to me or about me? Do I have to have an opinion about everything or one?

Our words are truly powerful but words can also be poisonous. Listening can be so liberating because it teaches humility and shows kindness. Being rash is foolish and can lead and has led to regret.

This day you have been given: have the wisdom to be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger-James 1:19(NIV)

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