Empowering Thought for Today: God’s Validation is the only one you Need!

Maybe you’re not the smartest , richest, or thinnest. Maybe you grow up in racism or dysfunction.

I grew up where no one EVER told me I was pretty! Ever. No one ever told me I was smart! This led me to be,über I wasn’t and left me at the mercy of other people’s approval.

Even after I gave my life to Christ, I struggled. Jesus always reached out to the unlovable, the distraught, societies misaligned and misguided people. People that would have been looked over.

The good news is that God has accepted us flaws and sin. His love for us is greater than any sin. He proved his love by sending Jesus. When we accept Jesus we no longer have yo live at the hands of someone else’s approval. Really no one can VALIDATE you like God, no one!

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