Empowering Thought for Today: Seeing things the way God Sees Them!

There was two characters on Saturday Night Live( one was Joe Piscabo???)
When I was younger. These two individuals played Wendy and Wally Whiner. They annoyed everybody with their complaining and unhappiness.
The pitch of their voice was annoying enough.

When you keep looking to your circumstances and not to what God has said it his word you become annoying to others and your view of life is horrible.
I realize we all have moments, but have the moment with God. I have found in my walk with Christ as much as people love me and want to help me they cannot do only what God can do anyway.

There are plenty if scriptures in the word that tell us how to renew our mind and what to think on, but it does us no good if we hear the word but don’t live the word!

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