Homeschooling Year Round by. Priscilla R. Crosby

I was a Teacher. According to many of the parents a good one! People were lining up to get in my class for next year. Although it was two teachers who taught my grade level. My class was booked.

What the parents didn’t know was I wasn’t coming back and although I got much pleasure from seeing wonderful progress. God was moving me on.

I had always been a integral part in all four of my children’s education but my last set of children who are twins schooled me that nothing in their life would be classic textbook.

I had 180 job offers and only 2 job interviews. God was closing every door imaginable and yet I though it was Satan! Circumstance upon circumstance caused me to run straight into my destiny and call!

One day I talked with my husband and told him I wanted to Homeschool. Waiting for a fight he shocked me and said “yes”. He believe this was the path we had to take .

I get teased by a lot of people about homeschooling but this is a calling, ministry. The sad thing would have been if I taught students year after year and my own children were struggling .

I don’t want my children labeled nor defined by this world system, but my children are who God says they are.

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