Empowering Thought for Today: Looking for Love? Look to Jesus!

Growing up I’ve hardly heard the words “I Love You”! If my parental figures loved me I didn’t know it nor did I feel it

The enemy used this to plant rejection in my life and I grew up wanting to be accepted and lived at all cost. I don’t want to mislead you to think after I gave my life to Christ that everything magically disappeared .

At this present journey I’m learning nobody can love you like Jesus and I know for a fact that my husband snd children love me. My soul was scarred and broken but Jesus has come to pour oil into every emotional trauma I’ve encountered and he’s there for future hiccups as well. Behind every hurtful experience with people is Satan, wearing a mask and hiding so you will think your issues are people or you think there’s something wrong with you!

I’m her to declare Gods word: Satan CANNOT trump God’s Love for YOU!


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