Empowering Thought for Today: God has a Plan for YOU! A Prophecy to US!

Don’t fret! Don’t get caught up God Says, I have a plan for you ! I know what I had in mind for you when I created you.

Rest in knowing that everything that concerns you I have it. There is nothing in your present circumstance that you’re experiencing that I do not know or see. Stop tuning into the devils recorder of what is going to happen to you.

I am The Lord your God and I don’t fail! Jesus gave you to me and I will not lose one that us mine.

Be prayerful, be watchful for the enemy desires to manipulate an deceive you. Put on your spiritual ears and eyes and look intently at me. For I’m going to open yours eyes to see the truth not smoke screens and patterns of deception that the enemy wants you to focus on. As you peer at me you will see the truth says the Spirit of The Lord!


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