Empowering Thought for Today: Watch Your Mouth!

As a young girl I had an outgoing personality in the sense that I loved to talk. I was bubbly in the mornings and I still am. By afternoon I’m winding down.

My mother was always telling me about my mouth: I was too loud, I talk too much, I was harsh with my words and I didn’t know what to say.

She use to tell me I was going to get hurt because of my mouth, thank a god that did not come to pass.

As a Christian I know now that is part if my gifting and call: a communicator.
I have said dome of the most ungodly , negative things out of my mouth and I wonder why my life was a mess!

As a child of God we should be saying what we hear God says. So, repent watch your mouth for life and death are in the power of your tongue !

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