Empowering Thought for Today: There is Always Hope in Christ!

We all made mistakes before and will probably make them again. As a child I learned that mistakes weren’t a good idea. Mistakes cost me love and affection. It made me look differently at myself because It was communicated as a child to me that “it’s not okay to be you”.

So, when I messed up (although I was saved and fill with the Holy Spirit ) I lived a life of utter defeat and doom. I gave people too much power over my life and I took anything from them because in my eyes I deserved it.

When I messed up I went to one extreme or the other: I beat myself up and withdrew or other people best me up and I let them.

There is a point in my walk with Jesus I had to get off of my palate and walk!

I had to live the Christian Life; I had to believe that Jesus Words are Spirit and they are life. No matter how many mistakes, errors I make, Jesus has me covered with just a word of repentance and obedience. The matter is done not brought up by Christ again.

The lesson is: I learned and learning how to love me; how to forgive me; how to extend God’s Grace in my life to me. If I did not have The Hope of Jesus Christ I wouldn’t be writing this blog.

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