Empowering Thought for Today: I’m going to exchange my weakness for God’s Strength

I sounded like a broken record: I don’t feel pretty, I don’t feel confident , I’m bothering people, I’m complaining too much! I use to be The Queen of negative self talk. I can lists all my weakness with the bat if an eyelash , but when I had to name something positive about myself it was like watching paint dry on the walls.

The truth of the matters is we all have weaknesses and the truth if the matter also is God is not disturbed or put off by the weaknesses. He becomes broken hearted and disappointed when we don’t exchange our weakness for his strength.

You know when we depend more on fashion, wigs/weaves, color, degrees, financial status, social status(married or single), even our spiritual gifts are waved around like some badge if honor.

For years I compared myself to other women, today I’ve put a fork in it because I’m done. My ultimate goal is to please the father, God because the truth if the matter is: he had the first word to bring you into existence and praise be to Jesus, God
has the final word and outcome for our lives .

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