Empowering Thought for Today: I’m Growing in the Grace of God

Have you ever ate Unripe fruit? Sipped lukewarm coffee? Take a cold shower? Received a weed that was suppose to be a flower? If you had any of these experiences they left a feeling of: something’s missing or a un satisfaction.

Immaturity is not cute at any age. A two year old screaming at the top of their lungs is just as annoying as a twenty year old doing it, the difference we can understand why a two year old does it versus a twenty year old.

Growing up is painful, but growing up is necessary. God intentions was for all things to grow and mature except sin! If you don’t take in the necessary nutrients for your body at any age you will hinder the growth and maturity of your physical body. Don’t get calcium- it will have a negative effect on your bones whether you are a newborn or elderly person . Some principal in the spiritual realm.

Remember Jesus and the fig tree how it curse it? It’s believed that it didn’t yield any figs? So what’s the use for it. You cannot escape the growth process. God wants mature men and women not men and women still drinking milk. The book of Hebrews states that “we should be teachers but we are still in need of being taught ” (5:12- my paraphrase )

As believers there are many ways to grow and mature but the ultimate way is to remain connected to the vine who is connected to the vinedresser!

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