Empowering Thought for Today: I am Accepted in The Beloved

If you grew up in dysfunction that caused a spirit of rejection to take root, accepting who you are can be downright painful!

Growing up with no affirming words turned me into a child actress, a manipulator for attention, love and acceptance. It is rejection from peers that cause many young men and women to make foolish decisions. Many adults still act as though their children living a life that is futile-based on societies status quo of empty promises in exchange for their soul.

God not only loves me; he ACCEPTS me. My dark skin, the mold on my chin and nose, but it’s even deeper than my physical appearance. God is bigger than my mistakes and faults. This doesn’t mean God turns a blind eye to sin, but he covered that by sending Jesus and because I have accepted Jesus as my savior and my lord there really is no more need to accept rejection unless I choose to do so. God never rejects us! We can reject ourselves or others but he who call you by his name will Never leave you nor forsake you, let that ring off your tongue today : God has not rejected me because I am loved by him and accepted by him everyday.

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