Empowering Thought for Today-What I Learned on my 14 day Detox Part 2

As you may have read in part one I was a disaster. I had to make some changes . Doesn’t mean I have it all together and I’ve arrived. I still got some poundage to !

Here are something’s I learned :

1. Pray-Involve God into everything. He know us better than we do!

2. Get self control- it’s one of the fruits if the Spirit

3. Get Support-find experts , people who’ve done it or doing it.

4. Your mindset has to change – I use to say I hated exercising. True so now I say I love to MOVE. ( A dear friend told me about moving )

5. Find people who inspire you-encourage yourself even when you slipped; see the error and then keep going

6. Learn about food don’t let it control you-why are you eating : stress, a new job, laziness?

7. Embrace accountability -a big one. I needed someone to make sure I was moving, eating correctly and when I didn’t they wouldn’t judge me nor let me off the hook.

8. Inspire someone else

9. Learn to LOVE YOU no matter what your size is presently

10. Enjoy life more is going on that is positive besides an unhealthy attraction to food.


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