Empowering Thought for Today: Prayer is ASKING-Matthew 7:7

I had a individual ask me about why do I need to talk to God? Doesn’t he know my every thought and all my feelings. Doesn’t he know what I’m going to say before I say it?

Yes, God is who he says he is God and yes he does know our thoughts and feelings better than we do. Before we can form a word he knows it.

The other side of this coin is God is our Father and he wants you to ASK for what you need. If earthly parents gave give attention to their earthly sons and daughters, God who exceeds us earthly creatures desire’s us to ASK.

When you go for a job inter if you cannot expect the interviewer to know what’s on your mind you must communicate .

Prayer is bout communication , prayer is bout ASKING ! Who serves anybody without communication?

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