Don’t Eat Stale Manna get Fresh Bread Everyday in his Presence!-Exodus 16

Have you ever seen people live in yesteryear? People who worry about days they may not be in? People who hoard because they fear for tomorrow? These people were the Children of Israel. Who had come out of Egypt and now had to learn to trust God for the very food. They had a little trouble with this idea of only getting enough manna/bread for the day; they started hoarding the manner. Before this they were actually stating that Egypt was a place they missed! A place that held them as slaves.

We use their example and shake our heads but we too as believers live in the past when our circumstances aren’t prime . God could have given 20 prophetic words he was going to supply and bring you out and yet we doubt him.

I loved the man that came before Jesus and said “I want to believe , but help my unbelief “. Get in his presence everyday and get revitalized and get refresh everyday. There is nothing like a home cooked meal from Papa with your eldest brother(Jesus Christ) serving and The Holy Spirit keeping it hot!

Love, P.

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