Five ways to put The Devil on Mute in your Life! John 10:10

The devil has a three fold plan for all followers of Jesus Christ: To kill, steal and destroy you and he probably has a myriad of ways he goes into accomplishing that! We do not need to fear him for our lives are hidden in Christ Jesus!

We are our own worst enemy our lack of intimacy with God many times open doors for the enemy to come and run all over us. Many of us are ignorant about our enemy he can use us to destroy ourselves.

Ever been in a battle with your mind? Hearing all types of doubts and lies? Put the devil on mute!

1. Submit to God- resists the Devil and he will. Flee
2. Read the Word of God out aloud or tape-Faith comes by hearing
3. Pray in the Spirit-it builds your faith
4. Begin to worship The Lord
5. Decree and declare God’s promises to you from his word, this includes prophetic words spoken over you!

Now go and BE victorious !





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