God doesn’t need our assistance;he needs our obedience-John 14:15

I’m always drilling into my children especially the younger ones: follow directions or do what I told you to do. With my teenager I have to add without talking back or questioning my authority and wisdom.

This is something God has really pressed upon me: obey my voice. Jesus said if you love him you would keep his commandments. I’m no bible scholar but it doesn’t mean creating a ritual of some religious act, but it could mean if you love me then you would obey me! So condemnation won’t come you can’t do any of this In your flesh you will fail. We need the power of the Holy Spirit to teach us how to have 3 things if we are going to obey :

1. Trust in God
2. God’s track record-he is not a liar
3. Just do it because God takes foolish things of this world to confound the wise. The Holy Spirit never makes sense to our natural mind.

Ask The Holy Spirit to help you obey God everyday ; it’s easy to doubt and question but it takes faith to obey!
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