You CAN hear the voice of the Father-John 10:27

One thing I have learned as a parent, you are a role model! One of the most previous things that take place during childhood is you get to become familiar with your parents. Parents are very familiar with their children. I have four children -3 boys and 1 girl. Of course it’s easy to distinguish the girl from the boys. My children are always trying to trick me by answering in the voice of the other child when I’m not in viewing distance. They are amazed that they cannot fool me .

This is the same principle with God, The father you cannot trick him. He is very familiar with who you are and what your voice sounds like. There are a bunch of Priscilla’s that are saved but God never mixes me up with all the others. The scripture says not only are we capable of hearing God we follow and obey his voice. So when things come to distract my mind and heart ; when life is vying for my attention and trying to drown out God, Jesus has declared HIS sheep hear his voice and no other shepherd will they follow.

I decree, You CAN hear God!

Love, P. Visit my website



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