Empowering Thought for Today:2013 Reflection

Hey, I don’t believe in resolutions but I believe in a God that holds the sky up over my head. I’m thankful and greatful for 2013. Of course, I had some struggles, some loss but I had a blast in 2013. Here are the highlights:

1. I Launched my own business
2. I started my own blog
3. I went on a trip to a conference by myself and enjoyed every minute of Dallas, Texas
4. I learned how to navigate social media
5. I mentored women
6. I taught 2 classes-one on prayer
7. I became a little more confident as a homeschooler
8. I got reacquainted with friends
9. I met some new friends
10. I lost some friends(not all to death, either)
11. I became married for 25 years!!!!!!!!!!!
12. I went to Savannah, Georgia. Beautiful
13. I went to Toronto, Ontario Canada. Enjoyed……..
14. I heard my mentors prophesy-You go Russell and Kitty Walden
15. I was encouraged and I received encouragement from my Facebook groups: e-Church, Ecclesia Warriors, Homeschool Mamas and Practical Homeschooling.

16. I turned 48 in this year!

Amen, P. Visit my website@www.empoweringyouministries.org



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