Everything Really Does Work out for your Good!

I remember having my first miscarriage about 9 years ago. The doctors could tell I was pregnant but could not detect a baby or even a sac! I was diabetic and my elevated A1C alerted my primary physician to investigate why. Upon her investigation I was pregnant. She panic and sent me to my Ob/Gyn at the time who was only a few feet away. He immediately sent me to the hospital.

I was poke and primed by every specialist imaginable- perinatal,ogist, cardiologist, etc.. Months earlier in my prayer time God revealed I would have another child, but I forgot all about that until I became pregnant. So I held onto that promise. I was told to get an abortion, this baby would die, I didn’t have faith to believe ….. Yes, the saints can be cruel, but this has taught me to have a prayerful heart towards people who are experiencing trauma. You cannot base people’s outside human reactions to what is really going on in their spirit. To judge people for lack of faith is cruel and misguided and shows a lack of love and compassion .

I had peace so I took that peace as a sign that the baby was fine, but it wasn’t ! Weeks later I lost the baby and almost my life. I want to tell you I had mountain moving faith, but I didn’t. God was causing me to experience another dimension of who he was and my faith In this particular crisis was going to be a 2 year affair.

I was broken, crushed, anxious and confused . Later on God did keep his promise to me-I had twin boys….. God really does work everything after the counsel if his will and I didn’t always trust him or understood at the time what he was doing. As I matured I am kearning the ways of my father. Learn him and let him teach you about YOU!
Love, P. Visit empowering YOU Prophetic Ministries@www.empoweringyouministries.org



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