God doesn’t just talk he backs it up with Action! Numbers 23:19

Many believers have a very limited view of God! Many of us think that God is like us-limited! Many think God is a genie, a witch , yes I said a witch because most of us pray hocus pocus carnal prayers! We talk to God and deal with God as if he works for us instead of us working for him with a Jesus Christ.

The bible from the beginning til the end of it demonstrates that a God doesn’t use frivolous words. Actually there is nothing about God that is frivolous . God is love just as he is Faith. The whole world is framed by the faith of God. He honors his word abov his name and his name is a strong tower.

Many of us have control issues but God cannot be controlled he can only be trusted. Put aside the childish things of praying for only what we can see and praying to be comfortable, let’s learn how to trust God for every promise he has spoken over us.

Love, P
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