God is not just your Creator, but he’s your Designer too! Psalm 91

There are so many books written about your purpose and destiny. Alicia Keys wrote a song about you can give me basically the world and that would mean nothing if she didn’t have the person she loved.

That’s the way we should feel about God, nothing really matters if we don’t have him. Stephen, the believer, the deacon who loved God was being stoned looked up and saw Jesus, full of his glory and ask forgiveness for the terrible beating he was receiving. Stephen’s death was The Apostle Paul’s awakening to a life with Christ that was daunting but fulfilling.

God not only created us but he has designed us and he knows exactly how we should look, feel, snd respond . If we wait for the world to tell us who were are we are going to one big glob of mess. Get in the presence of God to find out who a YOU really are designed to be.

Love, P.
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