Troubles come but were promised we are Delivered out of them all! Psalm 34:19

Many do not preach about troubles were busy trying to convince believers that God is good, he loves you, etc.
God is good and he does love us but he says we will have many afflictions. Some days life is more tougher than others, some years are more tougher than others.

Death, divorce , illness, disappointments , loss of job or relationships can make like bitter and hard for many people .
I will not and I cannot explain the varied of reasons why God allow things to transpire, but what do know based in my relationship with him is: He’s with me ! Always. I stop wanting to understand every little thing-why??? You couldn’t change some of it anyway. There’s a place where you just have to trust God and his peace. Troubles usually don’t stick around long but it depends on your definition of “long”.

On this holiday, I don’t know what you’re experiencing but I do know, God will work it out for your good!

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