Turn your Woes into Worship! John 5:1-15

There really is nothing cute about being a victim. The man who had been sick by the Pool of Bethesda, finally got his day of healing. You know the pool that the Angel of The Lord would come down once a year and stir the waters and people would be healed ? Yeah that pool, where our victim couldn’t  get to more than over 30 years.

When Jesus even inquires he says ” I have no one to help me in the water”. Wow, in 38 years you could not have yelled, scooted, ask, beg, bribed somebody to put you in the water. I would have been like get a jar and pour the water on me. 🙂 lol Even Jesus himself ask the man did he want to be healed. This guy took laziness to a whole different level. Jesus told the man get up and walk.

We have all had woe is me moments or feeling sorry for ourselves. I remember just complaining to God one time about my children, that quickly changed when God started sharing that my children were not fighting for their lives in some hospital. My tune change quickly to thanksgiving. Turn your woes into Worship and watch things change.

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