Jesus had no time for Foolishness! Take notes

One of my favorite tunes in R&B is Mary J. Blige “No More Drama”. This title insinuates you were a victim of drama but have realize distractions are not worth the time .

Jesus didn’t tolerate drama at all! He kept it moving. Let me give you an example of distractions:


#1: the gentleman that stop Jesus to say I want to follow you. By the way he was rich. Jesus tells him sell all you have and then follow me. Jesus knew from the moment he opened his mouth he didn’t want to do that.

Discernment we need Holy Spirit Discernment. You know from time wasters:)

Example #2: Jesus visiting the home of Martha and Mary. Martha is furious that all Mary can do is sit at Jesus feet and listen to him. She wants Jesus to tell her sister to come and help. Thank God for Martha, because she helps us learn about busyness . Jesus is about fruitfulness; what Mary had considered was fruitful for her soul and it was not the preparation of food.  Mary wanted the food for her spirit man. Jesus aligns Martha and gives her HIS perspective .

The bottom line is: Jesus was about his father’s business he was entrusted with the kingdom! Can God entrust you with his kingdom? Are you a good steward over the the gifts and talents God has provided for you?

It’s time to get rid of the distractions and go hard for Jesus!

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