Signs follow those that believe; Ten signs Jesus demonstrated

Jesus was compassionate, he did not waste people’s time with a whole lot of showboating and manipulative words . People realize this man is different from the rest of the religious leaders. Sign #1- Not Religious, sign #2- Actually cared about the people he ministered to.

Sign#3- He taught with Authority, sign#4- He forgave sins-not condemning , sign#5- literally cured men and women’s diseases-I said cured not treat! Sign#6- Jesus was a man of Prayer, sign #7- Jesus knew the scriptures , sign #8- Jesus knew his assignment, sign#9- Jesus knew who he was-others had the problem of hearing the truth. Sign#10-He discipled.

Are there signs to the world that you are a follower of Christ?

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One thought on “Signs follow those that believe; Ten signs Jesus demonstrated”

  1. Jesus knew very well his place and his assignment. We too should try to become as humble as he was and try to find out what our role in this world might be.
    And first of all we should worship the same God as Jesus worshipped. He did not worship himself but worshipped the Only One True God, his heavenly Father, Jehovah, the One and Only OnteTrue God.

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