God is looking for fearlessness! Are you a Candidate? 1st Samuel 17

I’m reminded of the story of David fighting Goliath, excuse me this was more than a Bible Story it was a reality
This whole scene is mind blowing that a young shepherd boy would kill a giant with a rock from a slingshot.
People are fascinated with that, but be fascinated by this: David was fearless and full of faith. It wasn’t the rock that killed Goliath it was the faith that David had in his God that killed Goliath.

The actual King of Israel was scared to come out and fight him and Goliath was taunting them. David was like , no sir, not on my watch.

God reminded me in this passage of scripture we are to be Fearless for him-who do you have to fear. Jesus has already triumph over his enemies, they are already under Jesus feet. Ask God to forgive you for your faithlessness and let him show you how he wants to use his strong, powerful arm on your behalf.

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