Today, Bend your knees and Pray for somebody!

Prayer is not about selfishness. There was nothing selfish about Jesus and what he did; for what he did was for us. Many people have no problem requesting prayer, standing in line for prayer , asking prayer for all their relatives, friends and co-workers. There is nothing wrong with prayer requests or wanting someone to touch and agree with you, but most people are LAZY! Yes, I said lazy. They think you can pray better than them or that God has gifted you with a special “prayer anointing” and left them out.

Yes, we should prayer for ourselves and family, friends and believers, but there should be moments that you go to God on behalf of somebody-whether that’s a group, country or nation. Take time and bow your knee and lend your voice to pray and beseech God for another , I know it will come back 100 fold to you!

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