Life is Fragile;Live it for God!

I was saddened to hear that Actor, Paul Walker had passed and Paul Crouch. I had a friend who got up three weeks ago to be at a business conference and had a stroke; she still hasn’t recovered.

Thanksgiving and Christmas can also remind us of loved ones who passed away as well. We have as of this writing 23 more days before we celebrate Christ’s birth and there will be many individuals who will not make it towards Christmas and many that will NOT see 2014.

Those of us who are believers should never fear death for we will live forever. Our days are numbered we didn’t know when we would be born neither do we know when we will die! God knows ALL THINGS. In the book of James 4:14 he says tomorrow is not promised
to you, your life is like a vapor. Since our lives our fragile this would be the perfect time to commit it to Jesus and if you know Jesus this would be the perfect time to re-evaluate your walk with him. Let Christ put your life in perspective because things that are fragile must be handled with care.
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