I’m Thankful that Jesus took away my Shame-Through Intercession

Rejection ruled my life for a moment even when I was serving The Lord ; i had this shame, guilt based nature. The tragic molestations and rapes along with self rejection made me feel bad about myself all the time.

I did not believe that God could love me, yes I could read it, hear it but i still didn’t believe it. what i know now but I didn’t know then was I needed deliverance. God sent that deliverance through a regular Wednesday night Bible Study and one young lady came and prayed for me. This woman was peering pass the physical and she begin to say: I see you rejection and shame and you will not stay tonight. I started convulsing as if I had demons. I probably had. She then spoke something that set me free: She said it was not your fault and when she said that I felt like somebody tore through my body and a peace and freedom was in me like never before. That was fifteen years ago and I stand, sit, lay and proclaim that Jesus died to take your shame away:

Read Isaiah :5 for yourself to remind your self of what Christ did on the cross for you. No it’s not Christmas nor Easter it’s always time for Interceding on behalf of those who are crushed and broken.
Love you all my followers, P.

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