You have to be Battle Ready not Getting Ready!

Can you imagine being in a dangerous position being surrounded by your enemies on all sides and those who are suppose to have your back, your girls, your boys, cannot be found???? There some where trying to find their equipment . Their gun is rusty, helmet is missing , shoes on wrong feet!

As believers we should have one another’s back and sides also if need be. We are off struggling with our own equipment or trying to handled equipment that don’t belong to us or we are trying to be a sniper when we are suppose to be a medic .

Jesus shared a parable about preparation. The five wise and foolish virgins. The wise virgins had their lamps trimmed and oiled and waiting for the bridegroom (Jesus). The foolish virgins were not prepared. When they thought about preparation it was too late. ( Matthew 25:1-13)

We must not become ready we should stay ready. Encourage and pray for a brother /sister -Ephesians 5:19

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