Prayer raised a little girl from the dead-,What’s your excuse now !

I have experienced many miracles in my life. I was told I would never become pregnant. I now have 4 live children and been pregnant 5 times twice with multiples. (The last not living). I was told that my son (oldest) would never catch onto math; he would always be behind . He’s in his 3rd year of college and has been on the Deans List since he’s been there .

I could go on and on and on and on. Jarius was a ruler of the Sygnogogue meaning he had authority. He had an ill child. If you ever had something dear to you that was about to slip away you would do anything to save it. This day all of Jarius’s religious ideology and theology went out the window. He tried to connect to Jesus but there was such a crowd. His child was already dead as told by his servant, Jesus was too late. Jesus went to see the child and said “She’s only sleeping”. They ridiculed him. You cannot have people of doubt around people who are moving in faith because those are opposites spirit. Jesus put the nay Sayers out the room. Raise the child from the dead and told her parents to give her something to eat she’s hungry.

This is the Same a Jesus that lives in me and you restore your faith for your miracle today by praying in faith in believing the impossible .

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