I Will………….Trust. Joshua 1:9

In my old Baptist days my favorite song was I will Trust in The Lord. I would be singing that strong and loud until a situation came in my life that required trust an I would forget all about that song……..

In my life trust has been violated. I was given away, adopted, molested, lies, etc so trust doesn’t come easy. God revealed to me he knows my past and all that that brings he holds no condemnation over my head because I don’t fully trust him. I have this saying that “if God is going to act like men, we are in trouble “.

God is really teaching me how to trust him not what that is suppose to look like in my human expectation. I can never let God down, upset him, make him walk out on me, forsake me send neither can you. For the first time in my life I don’t feel afraid because God has got my back! So will you trust?

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