Who is God to You? The Names of God

Who is God to you? For many years God was someone in heaven who was angry all the time. He was to be feared He seemed angry when others preach about him he was killing people and sending term to Hell! I hardly heard things like God is loving, kind, patient.

As a believer I know better, yes God doesn’t like sin but he always loves the Sinner. It was God who sacrificed his Son on a cross because he wanted a relationship with us. There are many names of God, here are a few he’s been to me

1. El Shaddi- Genesis 17:1. The Lord God Almighty

2. Jehovah Jireh- Genesis 22:14- The Lord will Provide

3. Jehovah Nissi- Exodus 17:5 The Lord is Our Banner

4. Jehovah Tsidkenu- Jerimiah 23:6 The Lord our righteousness

5. Jehovah Rapha-Exodus 15:26 The Lord my Healer

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