Ten Facts about The Holy Spirit!

One day in a prayer meeting the leader ask for a request for prayer about some major decisions, she said just ask spirit to tell you. I was like whose spirit? With New Age being mixed with Christianity we need to make certain we are speaking about The Holy Spirit.

These are ONLY Ten facts about The Hoky Spirit but there are more ……enjoy, P. Visit@www. Empoweringyouministry.org

1. He is apart of The Holy Trinity-1st John 4:7
2. He is represented in the form if a dove-Luke 3:22(more reference)
3. He brings things back to your remembrance- John 14:26
4. He is a comforter-John 14:26
5. He Brings Conviction- John 16:8
6. He seals and marks believers- Eph. 1:4, 1:13
7. He lives in you-Romans 8
8. He helps you with your gifts 1st co 12:4,8-10
9. He guides us in all truth-John 16:13
10. He empowers us-Luke 4:14



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