Prayer is a Noun and a Verb! Faith without Works is Dead Acts:16:16-40

No I haven’t loss my mind. Faith is needed when we pray, the action in our prayers is the Verb!
Remember Paul and Silas? They encounter jail time because they perceived by the Holy Spirit a spirit of witchcraft. Because the young witch made no money they became criminals .

While in Prison they still trusted God, locked up; freedom restricted they still trusted God. The scriptures says they began to PRAY and WORSHIP; even other prisoners heard them. Suddenly their was this earthquake that shook open the Jail cells. Prayer must be mixed with faith and our faith must have legs to it. It’s wonderful to pray, but what else are you going to do? That’s like you’re praying for a job but not looking , wanting to have a baby, but not having intercourse, want a Gold Medal at the Olympics but won’t trained. That’s not called prayer that’s called laziness!

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