Sometimes God says NO, Mam; No Sir-to our Prayers James 4:3

Thank God he is all knowing and full if wisdom because I’m not! There are times in my life I unfortunately pray with little understanding . People ask me a lot over the years as an Intercessor : does God answer all prayers? No and thank God he doesn’t , we would be in a complete mess. First and foremost God cannot answer prayers that have not been prayed. Secondly, God doesn’t answer prayers that doesn’t have his will in mind or prayers that gratify our flesh .

We go from asking God for a mate to praying that there rich, tall, good hair, etc. just ridiculous! Don’t get me wrong God cares about the littlest intricate details of our life but as they relate to our purpose and destiny according to his will.

Prayers like: make my children the smartest ones In the class above everyone else’s children . How does this serve the purpose of a God? It really doesn’t .

So we need to be thankful there are some prayers God did not answer. In the 90’s there was this job I wanted. I was in the lead for getting it. I was begging God for that job, literally begging. I knew I had it. I didn’t get it, I was mad at the people and God. I actually quit the current position I had because I felt like they wanted to keep me back, down because I was African American.(not the way to handle things). One of the supervisors was angry I had quit. Well it turned out that was God! I was surrounded by people who were in witchcraft, one lady who was a psychic tried to predict things on me but stopped because she realized that I was Saved and told me she was afraid of me after that. I really couldn’t survive being there when I looked back on it. God had me there for a season. I remember feeling so betrayed by God and the song came on by the artist Tonex-God has not Forgot. God was speaking to me thought that song.

I learned that when God says no it’s really not NO! It’s more like that’s not yours, I have a better plan. It’s 2013 and looking back Gid was right I’m living the life. I would have never taken the best guess I would be doing the things for God that I’m doing.

Yes, Mam; Yes, Sir sometimes your prayers are not answered.
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