Seek God purposely and Relentlessly with Fervor-Prophecy

Distractions will be a thing of our past when we seek God’s purpose for our lives during this season of our lives. We cannot take old strategies, methods and tactics in a new season of promise. The enemy will bring many things to distract and confuse but this is the time to seek my face for strategies from heaven. You will peer into my heart and as you do you will talk like me and you will walk like me and I will use you all over this earth to spread my name and the work of a Jesus Christ.

Pursue me like a runner is pursuing the finish line. Fervently seek me, be proactive run me down, chase after me in the day, noon and night pursue me with everything you have and then you will find me and I will share my heart with you. I will put my passion in you for the things I want to change. New season, due season, know and discern the season you are in for what I did in a past season will not be efficient for you in this one.

(I believe God is sharing this with me to share with the Body of Christ).

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