Be careful what you say! It has repercussions Luke 6:28

Before I knew any better I use to pray for the most inappropriate things. I was always praying for things to go my way ! About 15 years ago I was headed to my former pastors appreciation banquet. Saving money I purchase a top no pants because I already had a pair. Got them cleaned and pick them up about 5 hours before the event. The cleaners lost my pants and was nasty about them . I remember being so angry I began to pray that “they be removed from this business and that it would fail. Anger has no room in cursing other people. Bourne fight really isn’t with other people it’s with Satan. I was young and foolish .

A couple of years later I was driving pass that same location and tge cleaners went out of business. I repented right there because as Believers we don’t have the authority to speak evil. Jesus tells YOU and ME to bless those who curse you or despite fully use you. From that day forward, I watch my tongue. Christ lives in me and we are agents of change and hope not evil.

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