God is not a Slot Machine-John 4:24

Many people in the body want you to do all there praying and reading the Word of God. They are the ones who admire other believers and think there relationship with God is without effort. They sense your intimacy with God and for some reason decide that your the candidate for the job of praying for everything that goes on in their life. They are to weak to pray, read or seek God on their own.

Many believers because of their own neediness will fall into the trap of that . Prayer is a relationship it means that if God doesn’t answer my prayers the way I had imagined it’s okay I trust him. I may NOT get heal as quickly or not at all, but I trust God.

What groom would marry someone when they knew they just wanted him for what they can get.

God is more than some slot machine of requests and if he doesn’t come through like we thought then I’m done with this prayer/religious thing.  Grow up!

God wants us to ask of course, scripture stands on that, but we don’t dictate to God how we want the prayer answered nor do we determine when. The one fact we must understand is YOU , me or anyone else can manipulate God! God us a Spirit and those who worship him must worship him in Spirit and in Truth!
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